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I:Λ / Inception:Λudio – Khords + R381 – Unidentified LP

I:Λ / Inception Λudio – Khords + R381 – Unidentified LP – IΛ008LP (MP3)

Above me I saw something I did not believe at first. Well above the haze layer of the earth’s atmosphere were additonal faint thin bands of blue, sharply etched against the dark sky. They hovered over the earth like a succession of halos.

1 – Drone – Khords + R381 – Inception Audio
2 – Elysium – Khords + R381 – Inception Audio
3 – Enyralian – Khords + R381 – Inception Audio
4 – Hauntology – Khords + R381 – Inception Audio
5 – Polar Deviance – Khords + R381 – Inception Audio
6 – Black Strobe – Khords + R381 – Inception Audio


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I:Λ / Inception:Λudio – The Space Odyssey – I Wannabe EP

I:A Inception Audio – The Space Odyssey – I Wannabe EP

I:A Inception Audio’s reputation for quality and depth is phenomenal. The debut EP from Ukrainian producer ‘I Wannabe’ brings a breadth of style at such a high quality, across such a massive selection of mind-bending tracks, serious drum pattern sequencing throughout and crushing sub-bass space wrapped sci-fi soundscapes which emerge in an eclectic array of electronic instrumentation. This one essential listening.

1- Abducted – I Wannabe – Inception Audio
2 – Black Swan – I Wannabe – Inception Audio
3 – The Kingsman – I Wannabe – Inception Audio
4 – The Thing – I Wannabe – Inception Audio
5 – Bad Radio – I Wannabe – Inception Audio
6 – Dark Matter – I Wannabe – Inception Audio


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I:Λ / Inception:Λudio – Secret Space – Displaced Paranormals LP

I:A Inception Audio – Secret Space LP – Displaced Paranormals

Displaced Paranormals debut album ‘’Secret Space’’ is finally dropping on Inception Audio. 
Experimental and creative sounds transport you through deep chasms of space. Hand-stitched alien soundscapes seamlessly blend while still remaining unique and distinct to the Displaced Paranormal sound. Serious drum sequence patterns wrap around crushing sub-bass music throughout, Simple but effective progressions provide a balance between dancefloor and emotional transcending music. With collaborating artists such as Torn, Picota & Kumbh, NoRules to name a few, this is a journey into sound.

1 – Displaced Paranormals & Dominic Ridgway – Genetic – Inception Audio
2 – Displaced Paranormals & NoRules – Secret Space – Inception Audio
3 – Displaced Paranormals – G1yphic – Inception Audio
4 – Displaced Paranormals – Stars S0 Bright – Inception Audio
5 – Displaced Paranormals & Picota & Kumbh – This World – Inception Audio
6 – Displaced Paranormals & – Psycho Mantis- D3bug – Inception Audio
7 – Displaced Paranormals – After1ife – Inception Audio
8 – Displaced Paranormals – L0st Mem0ries – Inception Audio
9 – Displaced Paranormals – Source Code – Inception Audio
10 – Displaced Paranormals & NoRules – Ison – Inception Audio
11 – Torn & Displaced Paranormals – Visions 0f Paradise – Inception Audio
12 – Displaced Paranormals & King From Tekken – Delta – Inception Audio


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I:Λ / Inception:Λudio – Khords + R381 – Neptune Arcs EP

I:Λ / Inception:Λudio – Khords + R381 – Neptune Arcs EP

Bordeaux, France based producer’s Khords + R381 dive
straight for that deep autonomic territory. Fans of the deeper side of 170 BPM will appreciate the electronic sound characterised by tight syncopated beats and epic atmospheric synth work. Your ears are in for a treat with Inception:Audio Khords + R381 – Neptune Arcs EP.

Neptune Arcs 
Transports you into gleaming chords, droning synths and reflective surfaces. Relatively minimal which paints futuristic landscapes layering them in between raking bass lines and earthshaker drums beats.Percussion is driven with some tasty sub swells and tons of atmosphere.

Blue Landscape 
A deeper sound with weird and wonderful synths and frantic half time syncopating. It leaves more space between the beats but hammers down kicks, snares and sub with a treacherous level of caution. Ghostly vocals echo amongst the tempus of sounds.

Adams Ring
Conveying atmospheric sound effects, sonorous synths build the song up during the intro leading up to a firm drop and some brilliant moving bass 
synth. Its cutting edge drums and a warm slice of analogue give depth and texture that brings extraordinary sound design.

Magnetic Field
Delivers deep vibes throughout, the ethereal synths create atmosphere, texture and rolling deep sub basses that seems caught between dreams and the far corners of space and time. Heavy hitting beats and spacey bass delivers a melody which you can lose yourself in…

Herschel Vision
Hypnotic melody builds tension on the intro before we’re hit with crafted stepping gritty beats. Haunting drones and atmospheric oscillating 
bass brimms with musicality. Simple rolling minimalism.

1-Khords + R381 – Neptune Arcs – Inception Audio
2-Khords + R381 – Blue Landscape – Inception Audio
3-Khords + R381 – Adams Ring – Inception Audio
4-Khords + R381 – Magnetic Field – Inception Audio
5-Khords + R381 – Herschel Vision – Inception Audio




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I:Λ / Inception:Λudio – Esc.ape & Kit Curse – Airborn E.P

I:A / Inception:Audio – Esc.ape & Kit Curse – Airborn E.P
German based artists bring you music from another solar system on the 170 spectrum.

Deep, dark and extremely hypnotic. Sharp stepping breaks add shivery atmospheres along with some tasty sub swells provide tons of twisted midrange alien frequencies.

Gloomy atmospheres and soundscapes characterise this one. Weird and wonderful synths and frantic stepping drum syncopation are the order.
It’s experimental with detailed percussion giving it a growling bass from another planet, enjoy your trip!

Changes the pace with a dark, grimey stepper on a sci-fi trip. Crisp breaks imbued with heavy hitting kicks and snares and some nice percussive overlays. All growling low end with shimmering bassline synth work
ready to beam you up.

(The Fall)
Experimental drum patterns are on full show here with a satisfyingly chaotic assortment of drums, dark bass and echoing percussion. It evolves effortlessly, ascending beyond journeys that you’ll lose yourself in again and again.

Esc.ape & Kit Curse – Airborn – Inception Audio
Esc.ape & Kit Curse – Kalimba – Inception Audio
Esc.ape & Kit Curse – The Fall – Inception Audio
Esc.ape & Kit Curse & Displaced Paranormals – Refraction – Inception Audio