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I:Λ / Inception Λudio – Bredren & Displaced Paranormals – Stop&Turn / Celestial (Vinyl & MP3)


Stop ‘n Turn – Bredren & Displaced Paranormals
The latest release from two drum ‘n bass powerhouses is a slice of minimalist neurofunk designed for the dancefloor. A subtle rolling drum pattern eventually gives way to a distorted voice sample and menacing midlines which will shake the foundations of any club it’s played in.

Celestial- Bredren & Displaced Paranormals
The AA side is another neurofunk classic but with a more epic, movie-like feel. Soothing Eastern strings effortlessly transition into a more sinister sounding piece, complete with sparse drums and squelchy bass stabs. A very eclectic track!

IA004 – Vinyl & Limited CD
Data & Alvarez – Resist 
Data & Alvarez – Talk Dirty 
Displaced Paranormals & Dubtek – Lifeforms 
Overlook – Lusca 
Sunchase – Identify 
Sunchase – Hooksworld 
Bredren & Displaced Paranormals – Stop & Turn 
Bredren & Displaced Paranormals – Celestial 
Bredren & Displaced Paranormals – Black Octopus (Bonus Track)
Bredren & Displaced Paranormals – Direction (Bonus Track)

Triple Vision

Chemical Records




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I:Λ / Inception Λudio – Sunchase – Hookswords / Identify (Vinyl & MP3)

Inception Λudio – Sunchase – Λ – Hookswords / ΛΛ – Identify – IΛ003

The mighty Sunchase smacks it out of the park with another legendary release. The track initially builds up with low, suggestive bass-line and textures from another world. However, the quiet is destroyed with sickening bass and an addictive drum pattern. This is a tune designed to get under your skin.

The AA side is a dark, unstoppable piece of drum ‘n bass made for the hardcore faithful. High-pitched textures quickly give way to a grinding bass-line and Shuffling drums, while stabs and echoes punctuate the track until its high-octane conclusion. Not for the faint hearted!

Λ – Sunchase – hookswords 
ΛΛ – Sunchase – Identify




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I:Λ / Inception Λudio – Displaced Paranormals & Dubtek – Overlook – Lifeforms (Vinyl & MP3)

Displaced Paranormals & Dubtek / Overlook – Lifeforms / Lusca – IA002 (Vinyl & MP3)

The exclusive new tune from the team of Displaced Paranormals and Dubtek is a slice of intergalactic funk with a sci-fi theme.
An intro of eerie texture and sounds swiftly give way to a squelchy bassline and an unstoppable hardstep riddim. 
Be sure to listen all the way to the end for a hidden message!

Inspired by the greatest science fiction films of all time, Lusca is a journey into a dark and threatening soundscape.
Disturbing textures overlaid with ominous samples is accompanied by thudding bass stabs and minimal yet infectious drum patterns. 
A slow burner, Lusca eventually builds to a crescendo until the sonic pressure is finally released.

A Displaced Paranormals & Dubtek – Lifeforms
AA Overlook – Lusca

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I:Λ / Inception Λudio – DATA & ΛLVΛRΞZ – Resist / Talk Dirty (Vinyl & MP3)

I:Λ / Inception Λudio – DATA & ΛLVΛRΞZ – Resist / Talk Dirty (Vinyl & MP3

Inception: Audio’s goal is to alter the perceptions of what electronic music can be. Gathering the unique talents of underground artists from the darkest corners of the globe, our goal is to create experimental, challenging and alien soundscapes
that are truly not of this planet.

Taking inspiration from dubstep, drum & bass, techno and science Fiction concepts, Inception: Audio’s family of like-minded sound designers create music that ranges from the strangely uplifting to the downright disturbing.

Inception Λudio – DATA & ΛLVΛRΞZ – Resist – IA001 
Inception Λudio – DATA & ΛLVΛRΞZ – Talk Dirty – IA001

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There’s astonishing depth contained within Nomine’s music. His releases to date have displayed a vast breadth of ideas and an intrinsic ear for space and sound design. His sound is an immediately distinctive sound: echo-drenched melodies that drift like a distant brass chorus, sub-bass as soft and powerful as an ocean current, and turbulent, continually shifting percussion. These traits are put to the service of deep and driving dubstep tracks, rooted in UK soundsystem culture and rave history, which explode outwards to swallow dancefloors whole.

However, he stresses, dubstep’s structures provide only one possible framework to contain a much wider range of musical interests. “Anything pure is good and exciting for me,” he says. “I have always kept a reasonable distance from the politics and rules of genres. I dip in and out to see what is going on, and then do my own thing. This is important for me, as I don’t want to get blinded or confused with what I want to do as a composer. My inspiration could quite easily come from an avant-garde/music concretè composition by Pierre Schaeffer, as could it from old Horsepower, dub, drum & bass, house or techno records, and everything in between.”

Comparatively little is known about the shadowy producer’s origins, but he has a long history within electronic music – he reveals that he used to play music on Rinse FM back in the late 90s, and is a student and lecturer of advanced music technology. “I am fascinated with taking sounds and transforming them into something far beyond their original form, creating new, previously non-existent sounds and unique virtual instruments,” he reflects, and it’s certainly possible to hear those interests expressing themselves in ‘Searching’ and ‘Nomine’s Sound’ for Tempa. Both are beguiling combinations of organic and synthetic sounds, never quite settling on any form, their aquatic reverberations evoking images of future cities drowned beneath the waves. Nomine’s tracks first found their way into the world during a guest mix from Amit on Youngsta’s Rinse FM show, before growing outwards from there and being supported by the likes of Giles Peterson, J:Kenzo, Plastician, Toddla T, Annie Mac and Nihal.

“I like the pace of 140bpm music,” he says of writing dubstep tracks. “It allows for more space, groove and dynamics. This culture has also shown that there doesn’t need to be so many rules and restrictions for artists, which opens up creative flow and keeps things interesting.” Indeed, with a growing number of fellow artists equally concerned with intricate grooves and carefully sculpted dancefloor dynamics – such as scene figurehead Youngsta, J:Kenzo, Amit Icicle and VIVEK – Nomine is poised among a generation of dubstep and experimental electronic producers reclaiming the style from mainstream club restrictions, and turning it once again into a vehicle for potent exploration.

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Toronto’s Gremlinz has been carving a path of his own within Drum & Bass for over a decade, staying true to the core elements of the music and never wavering from his sound, regardless of whatever the passing trends around him might have been. His sign..

Toronto’s Gremlinz has been carving a path of his own within Drum & Bass for over a decade, staying true to the core elements of the music and never wavering from his sound, regardless of whatever the passing trends around him might have been. His signature sound remains rooted equally in Reinforced/Metalheadz/Bluenote era Jungle as it is in Renegade Hardware’s early 2000s moodiness, bookended by equal parts Dub and Techno and tied together with an ever-present B Boy edge.

Following his debut on Metalheadz MDZ04 LP, Gremlinz has had excursions on many respected labels, and with each release, the accolades have poured in. His style is multi-faceted, allowing him to drop both pulsating, breakbeat-heavy B-Boy affairs to the more understated, minimal, dub-heavy tunes seemingly at will. His production style has been well received on both sides of the pond, and landed him a spot on Loxy & Ink’s HORSEMEN collective, aligning him with a superb stable of producers.

Production aside, Gremlinz is also known for his prowess as a DJ with his own unique style. Dubbed “The Story Teller” by Keaton of the Usual Suspects, Gremlinz’ talents behind the decks have taken him all across Europe, North America and as far as Japan where he has graced legendary venues such as The End Club, Cable, Brixton Mass & many more… Gremlinz is also a cohost on Toronto’s longest running Drum & bass radio show, The Prophecy on 89.5FM CIUT radio.

Presently, Gremlinz is in the studio with a vengeance, with a number of exciting releases set to drop as well as plans for his first artist album slated for 2014.

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Being the most famous drum’n’bass producer in Ukraine, who subdued such respected labels as DSCI4 and Moving Shadow, Alexander Pavlenko aka Sunchase successfully continues to operate in a variety of musical styles. His debut album “Static Nitro”, released in late spring 2010, became the album of the month according to the Mixmag magazine. After that, Alexander has focused on the organization of his own label Kvadrat, which was released the second vinyl “In The Water / A Girl From Saturn”, produced in collaboration with Nastia. In the near future, the completion of the catalog label by new works of Sunchase is already expected.

Parallel to this, Alexander became interested in producing dubstep, and preparing to publish two fresh tunes. In his future plans — serious work in techno and house directions.

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In 2011 we decided to join forces and started producing Drum & Bass. When the first tune (called Pulsar) was finished, we immediately sent it to Proximity Recordings as we were following them by the minute. Label owner Basher loved the tune from the first moment and decided to put it out on his own imprint. And so Bredren was born.

2012 saw the light of our first release on Break-Fast Audio and 4 track EP on Proximity called “Pestilence EP”. A lot of heads have been moved at that time and we started doing gigs on a regularly basis.

In 2013 another EP was written for Proximity and we signed our first track on Dispatch Recordings as well. The tune was called “Sixth Sense” and was made in collaboration with our Czech friend Tom SMall.

2014 was a big year for us. Not only we played at one of the biggest Drum & Bass events of Europe, Rampage, we also managed to write our first album: “Trinity LP”. The LP came out on Proximity Recordings and received a lot of good feedback. It gave us the opportunity to explore Europe a little more and play gigs abroad. Another highlight of 2014 was the dj-competition at Sun And Bass in Sardinia. We came out as a runner up, right behind our good friend Phase who won the competition.

In 2015 we released our first track on Hospital Records, it was a collaboration with Dexta called “1993”. Music wise nothing much else happened that year, as we were still recovering from the LP we wrote in 2014. We had the pleasure to play a set at Sun And Bass with Philth, which was truly a highlight of the year for us.

Our first EP on Flexout Audio came out in 2016 which made a big impact with “The Legion”, featuring MC Swift. Another big move in this year was our first release on Critical Music. This track was called “Then Suddenly”, in collaboration with our close friends M-Zine & Scepticz. Also in 2016 we started doing our own events called “Bredren Invites” and invited loads of upcoming talents from Belgium but also from abroad.

2017 was the year we released our first collab EP with M-Zine & Scepticz on Dispatch Recordings. A real milestone for us and the leap to our solo EP which is coming out late 2017. This year we also took our “Bredren Invites” events to a higher level and started running them in the legendary Fuse club in Brussels. The first edition we managed to join forces with the Austrian Contrast Crew from Vienna and invited The North Quarter for a label showcase. Next event we have Alix Perez coming over with his 1985 Music.

2017 is looking good so far, 2018 will be even better!

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With one foot set in the future and another amongst neurofunk DNB’s architects, Nick’s trademark sound is not easily classified. Morphing, animalistic basslines project through sonic space in perfectly organized chaos, with structure provided by painfully sharp drums. Never conforming to any set mold, Nickbee’s allegiance to innovation makes a quirky, experimental element a defining factor of his music. Perhaps most impressive is the young artist’s mastery of next-level sound design, which is never forced or overdone; only tastefully applied in careful amounts, always striking that perfect balance of hi-tech and low-fi…a skill reserved only for experts. As this producer continues to defy formula and rewrite DNB’s blueprint, it becomes clear that only one word can adequately describe this future sound of drum & bass… NickBee

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The term not only stands for „absorbing reality into music“ but also for integrating different ways to do so. Thats what Constantin, Florian and Yan actually do. They all work on music differently, they have different strengths and weaknesses and approaches to handle them and they live very different lifes. These contrasts form the inner core of the creativity behind the project. They overcome the principles of similarity and build up on the synergies that derive. They borrow ideas from the Past, the Present and the Future and they call it dark, deep and minimal Drum & Bass.