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7 Years On Earth – Happy Birthday

IA Trans. 082119

It has been seven earth years since we first established our base camp on this planet. Since we have landed, we have been unsuccessful in communicating directly with our home system and we have been awaiting further contact from them. During this pause in transmission, we have discovered the presence of like-minded aliens among us here on earth who are able to help us broadcast our code of expression through music over vast and expanding reaches of the galaxy.

We would like to send special thanks to all the artists on the label, all the graphic designers, video editors, distributors, and all the people that have worked hard to help make our vision come true. Also, a very special thank you to our fans here on this planet. Without you, we would not be able to continue to transmit.

IA Department of Inter-Species Communication
Sector 413.11.3.75
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Vinyl Give Away

**I:A Department of Interstellar communication memo 071119**

We believe our music helps us better understand and communicate with the cosmos. We also believe it helps Earthlings communicate better among other humans as well. We at Inception Audio would like to communicate more with you! If you want to communicate more with us and others via 12” vinyl, post a link to our new website in your feed and include the hashtag #VinylIA for a chance to receive a few free copies of our music on 12” vinyl as well as other elements of Inception Audio. We appreciate your interaction and look forward to future communications.


Ref. 530-48-60IAICM

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#VideoCode17 – Solace – Occam EP

I:A / Inception:Audio – Solace – Occam E.P

Drowning In Shadows
Ethereal pads and beautifully haunting reverbed vocal build around deep sharp breaks surrounded by growling modulated bass.
Brings a darker element to this absolutely stunning track.

Occam’s Razor
Moody soundscape grabs your attention before the devastating low-end steals the show. Dark and dirty drums pair with a nasty grinding sub bass with rolling tribalistic energy.
Touches of vocal to add some interesting bites.

Deep Roots
Submerged atmospheres lay in the foreground along with some ruthless scuttling drums, showing depth with its low-slung bassline. Brilliantly manipulated vocal sample make a truly infectious groove and a monster of a track.

Made Me
Things get dark and deadly and effortlessly sleek. Clear crisp shuffling drum patterns and a bassline which gently distorts and morphs. Each sound echoes around the deep omnipresent bass, surrounding you completely.

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#VideoCode16 – Personnage – Primal EP

Inception Audio – IA016 – Personnage – Primal EP

A deep, atmospheric opening with sinister textures and bass stabs are soon joined by sporadic drum beats that build to a crescendo. From the unsettling mood to its sparse yet effective use of drums, this is a perfect example of Personnage’s signature sound.

Personnage brings the heat with a heavily experimental track. Listen out for breakbeat, drum ‘n bass and techno influences along with the artist’s own unique flavour. If you love music that blurs boundaries then this will get your mind racing.

Prehistoric sounds blend with doses of science fiction to create a hybrid for the dance floor. Personnage utilises his arsenal of tribal drums, techno-inspired basslines and sinister swarm effects to grab your
attention and not let go. ‘Primal’ by name, ‘Primal’ by nature.

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#VideoCode15 – Incorporate – Lightyears EP

I:A / Inception:Audio – Incorporate – Lightyears EP

Hidden Path 
Lightyears Away 
Never Say Never 
Things About To Happen

The term not only stands for „absorbing reality into music“ but also for integrating different ways to do so. That’s what Constantin, Florian, and Yan actually do. They all work on music differently, they have different strengths and weaknesses and approaches to handle them and they live very different lifes. These contrasts form the inner core of the creativity behind the project. They overcome the principles of similarity and build up on the synergies that derive. They borrow ideas from the Past, the Present and the Future and they call it dark, deep and minimal Drum & Bass.

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#VideoCode14 – Ghost Warrior – They Remain – Drone

I:A / Inception:Audio – Ghost Warrior – They Remain – Drone

Hungary based producer Peter Ivanyi, aka Ghost Warrior, takes the reins of the the mothership on the next voyage to the outer edge of space and time. Jump on board for a stimulating ride with Inception Audio.

They Remain
Mystic sci-fi ambiance builds into thundering drums with a jagged edge of precision. Immense sub basslines and ominous atmospherics transport you to another parallel universe with deadly effects. This is deep and hypnotic throughout.

Intricate drum work makes for a dark landscape of breaking switchups with layering space junk percussion, before entering into a wormhole of bassline pressure that communicates with our intelligence. Bleak soundscapes 
are sure to take you on an intergalactic journey crafted to perfection.
Look for this one coming July 1st at digital stores via

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#VideoCode12 – Khords + R381 – Neptune Arcs

Inception:Audio Khords + R381 – Neptune Arcs

Neptune Arcs 
Transports you into gleaming chords, droning synths and reflective surfaces. Relatively minimal which paints futuristic landscapes layering them in between raking bass lines and earthshaker drums beats.Percussion is driven with some tasty sub swells and tons of atmosphere.

Blue Landscape 
A deeper sound with weird and wonderful synths and frantic half time syncopating. It leaves more space between the beats but hammers down kicks, snares and sub with a treacherous level of caution. Ghostly vocals echo amongst the tempus of sounds.

Adams Ring
Conveying atmospheric sound effects, sonorous synths build the song up during the intro leading up to a firm drop and some brilliant moving bass 
synth. Its cutting edge drums and a warm slice of analogue give depth and texture that brings extraordinary sound design.

Magnetic Field
Delivers deep vibes throughout, the ethereal synths create atmosphere, texture and rolling deep sub basses that seems caught between dreams and the far corners of space and time. Heavy hitting beats and spacey bass delivers a melody which you can lose yourself in…

Herschel Vision
Hypnotic melody builds tension on the intro before we’re hit with crafted stepping gritty beats. Haunting drones and atmospheric oscillating 
bass brimms with musicality. Simple rolling minimalism.