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Solace is a Belgium based producer and DJ that set his first steps in the drum and bass scene in 2015. He immediately set his mind on the deeper side of the genre, and hasn’t left it yet.

He started his producing career with his “Avenoir EP” and has been moving through the ranks ever since.

In 2016 he released a track part of a ‘various artist’ EP on the late Belgian imprint Rumble recordings, and a single on Modular Carnage.
This year also holds another highlight which is winning the dj competition from Sun And Bass in Sardinia, on which he played again the year after.

2017 is also the year he played at the well respected Ghent based Star Warz and released his first tune on the Belgian Halogen Music. Solace also established his sound further with releases on Terabyte, T3k Recordings and Modular Carnage.

Solace got introduced to Lifestyle in 2018 with a collaboration between M-zine, Scepticz and himself, and later in the year with a track on the “Belgian Connection LP”. This year also saw the release of the well received “New Era EP”, the Paroxysm – Forbidden Affection single on Ronin Ordinance and a self-released EP.
2018 also marks the year he played at one of the biggest drum and bass events of Europe, Rampage, as part of the Space Pirates crew.
Besides the releases and djing, he also joined the Steamteam, a Ghent based drum and bass concept.

Continuing in 2019, he sent his big six-tracker the “Broken Mirror EP” into the world on Halogen Music and another tune on Ronin Ordinance, part of the Genso series.

Solace has already made a mark, but he is not at all easing up. He keeps on grinding away, making tunes to show the world what he’s got.
Don’t forget to keep an eye on him, or you might just miss out.

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