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German Sokolov, aka Personnage, got his hands on his first DAWs after he dropped out of music school, where he studied piano.

2007 through 2011 he featured as part of C.V.I, a technoid-dnb project based in Vyborg.

Having discovered Ableton back in 2012, German delved into the world of music production and deep experimental sound design, all the while being a self-taught multi-instrumentalist.

Later on, fate brought him together with Arthur Ghostek and Alexander Nami. The trio laid the foundation of Ghost Syndicate – a widely celebrated sample laboratory whose signature sounds can be heard in biggest releases worldwide.

Having spawned a plethora of renowned sample packs and templates, Personnage got back into making his own music, spurred by his growing passion for hardware synthesizers and experimental sides of Techno and Drum’n’Bass.

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