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I:Λ / Inception:Λudio – Esc.ape & Kit Curse – Airborn E.P

I:A / Inception:Audio – Esc.ape & Kit Curse – Airborn E.P
German based artists bring you music from another solar system on the 170 spectrum.

Deep, dark and extremely hypnotic. Sharp stepping breaks add shivery atmospheres along with some tasty sub swells provide tons of twisted midrange alien frequencies.

Gloomy atmospheres and soundscapes characterise this one. Weird and wonderful synths and frantic stepping drum syncopation are the order.
It’s experimental with detailed percussion giving it a growling bass from another planet, enjoy your trip!

Changes the pace with a dark, grimey stepper on a sci-fi trip. Crisp breaks imbued with heavy hitting kicks and snares and some nice percussive overlays. All growling low end with shimmering bassline synth work
ready to beam you up.

(The Fall)
Experimental drum patterns are on full show here with a satisfyingly chaotic assortment of drums, dark bass and echoing percussion. It evolves effortlessly, ascending beyond journeys that you’ll lose yourself in again and again.

Esc.ape & Kit Curse – Airborn – Inception Audio
Esc.ape & Kit Curse – Kalimba – Inception Audio
Esc.ape & Kit Curse – The Fall – Inception Audio
Esc.ape & Kit Curse & Displaced Paranormals – Refraction – Inception Audio



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