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I Wannabe

I Wannabe is one of the most relevant drum’n’bass producers from Kiev. His fascination with electronic music coincided with the “golden ten” of the 90s. It was then that Andrey heard the Space “Magic Fly” plate, which was the beginning of a journey into the world of beats and synthesizers. The EZ Rollerz “Meatball” record became the point of no return in his musical consciousness. Since 2000, the drum’n’bass style has become the guiding star of Andrey’s creative explorations.

Sorting out different sequencers and genres, Andrew honed his own style. So, starting in 2007, I Wannabe’s tracks have been released on such labels as Formation, 22:22, Disturbed, Cymbalism, Rubik, Inception:Audio, Machinist Music, Kos.Mos Music and get essential support from London Elektricity, Bailey, B.Traits, RSD, Dodge & Fuski, Chris Inperspective, Cutworx, Electrosoul System, Gvozd, Need For Mirrors and Noisia.

I Wannabe gained wide popularity in Ukraine thanks to remixes for local artists – Kazka, Zapaska, Pluton & Skyer and Katya Chilly. In 2018, Andrey launched his own label Deviant Drums, which releases drum’n’bass exclusively on vinyl. The circulation of the debut release of the I Wannabe “Dreams” EP with remixes from Commix and Total Science was sold out in a month, raising a stir in the world’s drum’n’bass community.

Nowadays, I Wannabe is focused on production for both his own label as well as well-known worldwide ones. He actively performs in Ukraine and is available for booking around the world.

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