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Inception Audio – Replicant Night LP – Various Artists – IA018

Inception Audio – IA03-LP Replicant Night LP

1 Incorporate & Askel & Elere – Specific
2 Structured – Call It
3 Kit Curse & Esc.Ape – 2049
4 DBR UK – Griselda
5 Structured – War
6 Constrict – Shadow Self
7 BMA – Ermerge
8 Constrict – Tropism
9 Fuj – Eviction
10 R3dX – Believe
11 Structured – Crush
12 Structured – Sustain
13 Kit Curse & dreadmaul – Do Not Return
14 Shinbu & Tuscan – Current
15 Kop-Z – Industry
16 Kop-Z – Fire Alarm
17 HEFT & Displaced Paranormals – Gods
18 HEFT & Displaced Paranormals – Eclipse
19 Shinbu – Black Eyes Black Lights
20 Tuscan – Conflict
21 Shinbu – Conifer Shadows
22 Xeomi & Kaiza – Ideologist

Inception Audio
Ministry of Interstellar Propaganda
Memo 53008 For immediate broadcast:

As the new stars rise up ahead the new solar year of 2020, Inception Audio know it’s time to unlock and release the future engineering of a new planet of sound. What we envisage is too powerful to keep to ourselves. The sonic range and profile of these sounds have demonstrated the ability to transport the listener to multiple star systems even after just one encounter. We would like to thank those who have kept their frequency channels open to our on-going transmissions. We understand the galaxy has provided us all sonic equations to discover, and we are very grateful when you tune in to ours.

File IA03-LP Replicant
Route Via 413/20-9TH
Cycle 11275

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7 Years On Earth – Happy Birthday

IA Trans. 082119

It has been seven earth years since we first established our base camp on this planet. Since we have landed, we have been unsuccessful in communicating directly with our home system and we have been awaiting further contact from them. During this pause in transmission, we have discovered the presence of like-minded aliens among us here on earth who are able to help us broadcast our code of expression through music over vast and expanding reaches of the galaxy.

We would like to send special thanks to all the artists on the label, all the graphic designers, video editors, distributors, and all the people that have worked hard to help make our vision come true. Also, a very special thank you to our fans here on this planet. Without you, we would not be able to continue to transmit.

IA Department of Inter-Species Communication
Sector 413.11.3.75