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I:Λ / Inception:Λudio – Chet Matuto – Rebels EP

I:Λ / Inception Λudio – Chet Matuto EP

I:Λ – Brings you closer to the Λliens , Λlien Drum n Bass , Recorded Area 44 Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind , Human-Initiated contact with Extraterrestrials

1 – Elmarit – Chet Matuto – Inception Audio
2 – From Basterds – Chet Matuto – Inception Audio
3 – Monster Tail – Chet Matuto – Inception Audio
4 – Rebels – Chet Matuto – Inception Audio

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I:Λ / Inception Λudio – Various Artists – Planet I:Λ LP

I:Λ / Inception Λudio – Planet I:Λ Album – IΛ002CD 

Inception Audio – Album CD002 WE HAVE LANDED – TRANSMISSION RECEIVED \!/ Ronald “Alien” Reagan “In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world” Inception Audio – Album CD002 – OUT ON LIMITED CD & DOWNLOAD

IA001 – Inception Audio – Khords + R381 – Flastag Dream
IA002 – Inception Audio – Khords + R381 – 3 Colors
IA003 – Inception Audio – Chet Matuto – Keep My Secret
IA004 – Inception Audio – Kije – Everything
IA005 – Inception Audio – Picota & Kumbh – Tiki Origins
IA006 – Inception Audio – Gremlinz X Apostroph – Trials of Osiris
IA007 – Inception Audio – Displaced Paranormals & Tom SMall – Confusion IA008 – Inception Audio – Displaced Paranormals & Tom SMall – Synchronize IA009 – Inception Audio – Displaced Paranormals & Torn – Orbit
IA010 – Inception Audio – Psycho Mantis – Obituary
IA011 – Inception Audio – Outrage – Talkers
IA012 – Inception Audio – DBR UK – Sound Killer



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I:Λ / Inception Λudio – Nickbee/Dubtek/DP – Mothman/OBEY (Vinyl & MP3)

Nickbee / Dubtek / Displaced Paranormals – Mothman / OBEY

Obey AA
Starting off with a sample from cult sci-fi hit ‘They Live’, this collaboration between Dubtek and DP quickly descends into a heavy-hitting bassline and infectious, minimalist drum patterns. Sure to be a firm club favourite!

Sinister and unsettling, ‘MothMan’ combines eerie vocals and shifting alien-type beats. Fans of disturbing sounds will get the most from this killer track. So look to the skies and let the bass enter your sub-conscious.

Dubtek – Displaced Paranormals – OBEY
Nickbee – Displaced Paranormals – MOTHMAN

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I:Λ / Inception Λudio – Bredren & Displaced Paranormals – Stop&Turn / Celestial (Vinyl & MP3)


Stop ‘n Turn – Bredren & Displaced Paranormals
The latest release from two drum ‘n bass powerhouses is a slice of minimalist neurofunk designed for the dancefloor. A subtle rolling drum pattern eventually gives way to a distorted voice sample and menacing midlines which will shake the foundations of any club it’s played in.

Celestial- Bredren & Displaced Paranormals
The AA side is another neurofunk classic but with a more epic, movie-like feel. Soothing Eastern strings effortlessly transition into a more sinister sounding piece, complete with sparse drums and squelchy bass stabs. A very eclectic track!

IA004 – Vinyl & Limited CD
Data & Alvarez – Resist 
Data & Alvarez – Talk Dirty 
Displaced Paranormals & Dubtek – Lifeforms 
Overlook – Lusca 
Sunchase – Identify 
Sunchase – Hooksworld 
Bredren & Displaced Paranormals – Stop & Turn 
Bredren & Displaced Paranormals – Celestial 
Bredren & Displaced Paranormals – Black Octopus (Bonus Track)
Bredren & Displaced Paranormals – Direction (Bonus Track)

Triple Vision

Chemical Records




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I:Λ / Inception Λudio – Sunchase – Hookswords / Identify (Vinyl & MP3)

Inception Λudio – Sunchase – Λ – Hookswords / ΛΛ – Identify – IΛ003

The mighty Sunchase smacks it out of the park with another legendary release. The track initially builds up with low, suggestive bass-line and textures from another world. However, the quiet is destroyed with sickening bass and an addictive drum pattern. This is a tune designed to get under your skin.

The AA side is a dark, unstoppable piece of drum ‘n bass made for the hardcore faithful. High-pitched textures quickly give way to a grinding bass-line and Shuffling drums, while stabs and echoes punctuate the track until its high-octane conclusion. Not for the faint hearted!

Λ – Sunchase – hookswords 
ΛΛ – Sunchase – Identify




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I:Λ / Inception Λudio – Displaced Paranormals & Dubtek – Overlook – Lifeforms (Vinyl & MP3)

Displaced Paranormals & Dubtek / Overlook – Lifeforms / Lusca – IA002 (Vinyl & MP3)

The exclusive new tune from the team of Displaced Paranormals and Dubtek is a slice of intergalactic funk with a sci-fi theme.
An intro of eerie texture and sounds swiftly give way to a squelchy bassline and an unstoppable hardstep riddim. 
Be sure to listen all the way to the end for a hidden message!

Inspired by the greatest science fiction films of all time, Lusca is a journey into a dark and threatening soundscape.
Disturbing textures overlaid with ominous samples is accompanied by thudding bass stabs and minimal yet infectious drum patterns. 
A slow burner, Lusca eventually builds to a crescendo until the sonic pressure is finally released.

A Displaced Paranormals & Dubtek – Lifeforms
AA Overlook – Lusca

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I:Λ / Inception Λudio – DATA & ΛLVΛRΞZ – Resist / Talk Dirty (Vinyl & MP3)

I:Λ / Inception Λudio – DATA & ΛLVΛRΞZ – Resist / Talk Dirty (Vinyl & MP3

Inception: Audio’s goal is to alter the perceptions of what electronic music can be. Gathering the unique talents of underground artists from the darkest corners of the globe, our goal is to create experimental, challenging and alien soundscapes
that are truly not of this planet.

Taking inspiration from dubstep, drum & bass, techno and science Fiction concepts, Inception: Audio’s family of like-minded sound designers create music that ranges from the strangely uplifting to the downright disturbing.

Inception Λudio – DATA & ΛLVΛRΞZ – Resist – IA001 
Inception Λudio – DATA & ΛLVΛRΞZ – Talk Dirty – IA001

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