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Solace is a Belgium based producer and DJ that set his first steps in the drum and bass scene in 2015. He immediately set his mind on the deeper side of the genre, and hasn’t left it yet.

He started his producing career with his “Avenoir EP” and has been moving through the ranks ever since.

In 2016 he released a track part of a ‘various artist’ EP on the late Belgian imprint Rumble recordings, and a single on Modular Carnage.
This year also holds another highlight which is winning the dj competition from Sun And Bass in Sardinia, on which he played again the year after.

2017 is also the year he played at the well respected Ghent based Star Warz and released his first tune on the Belgian Halogen Music. Solace also established his sound further with releases on Terabyte, T3k Recordings and Modular Carnage.

Solace got introduced to Lifestyle in 2018 with a collaboration between M-zine, Scepticz and himself, and later in the year with a track on the “Belgian Connection LP”. This year also saw the release of the well received “New Era EP”, the Paroxysm – Forbidden Affection single on Ronin Ordinance and a self-released EP.
2018 also marks the year he played at one of the biggest drum and bass events of Europe, Rampage, as part of the Space Pirates crew.
Besides the releases and djing, he also joined the Steamteam, a Ghent based drum and bass concept.

Continuing in 2019, he sent his big six-tracker the “Broken Mirror EP” into the world on Halogen Music and another tune on Ronin Ordinance, part of the Genso series.

Solace has already made a mark, but he is not at all easing up. He keeps on grinding away, making tunes to show the world what he’s got.
Don’t forget to keep an eye on him, or you might just miss out.

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Drum and Bass DJ since 1996. Host of online radio shows “Eclipse”, “The Vast Parlor” and “The Everything Sound” from 1998 to 2018. Recent releases on Onset Audio, Nervosa, Boey Audio, Seminal Sounds, Tactical Audio, and Industrial Coast. Founding member of the 412DNB crew. Former clothing sales guy at Breakbeat Science.

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DBR UK consists of 3 artists, Craig Penman, Carl Nanton and Dan Myles.

Inspired by the Hardcore/Jungle sound emerging out of London in the 90’s, there love for the music can be traced back to the early days of Kool FM and even as far as the infamous tape packs such as Dreamscape, Fantazia and PURE X.

Alongside guest performances on London’s Pirate and Internet radio stations including Origin FM(95.2), Life FM and the late RUUD Awakening(104.3) DBR has been holding down regular prime time shows on some of the Home Counties Pirate radio stations including Perception FM(106.9) and Luton’s Raw FM(107.9) to name a few, for a well over a decade. DBR are currently doing the 4pm – 6pm show on Rude FM every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month. Working closely with other local DJ’s and MC’s including Fokus, Phantom, Five Alive, Lydon and DJ’s Barrington and Concrete of the award winning Warning (Cambridge) to maintain a healthy local Drum and Bass scene.

DBR have been DJ’ing Jungle/Drum and Bass since the mid 90’s and have witnessed the scene gradually splitting over time into more sub genres. They are into the deeper direction however still keeping their versatile style by playing classic tunes for the Heads but also selecting tracks that appeal to the less educated ear. Thus enabling them to cater for all whilst still bringing a fresh interest into this diverse scene.

A recognised collective with in the Home Counties Drum and Bass scene. DBR is known for there creative mixing style and versatile selection maintaining energy in every setting aswell as there own music.

Nationwide they have played up and down the country aswell as in Switzerland, Belgium And Poland, they will be looking to keep up the momentum in the following months.

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Tom Small

Prague based talent Tom Peterka aka Tom SMall is one of the upcoming producers from the Czech Republic. His involvement in the electronic music scene started from just 16 years of age.

His background is one that comes from listening to a wide variety of music types with his friends, and then trying to mix it all together. After a few months, he decided to make his own sounds, and after five years working on his production skills he made his debut on Czech label Deafmuted Records with a track called ‘Paralyzing ways‘ which was a part of the compilation ‘Depthblinded part 3‘. This signing really spurred Tom on and inspired him to make ‘Fiction / Remover‘ as a solo single on the same label. This release really showcased Tom’s progresive experimental sounds, all composed in a deliberately ‘steppy‘ form. 

His next releases were all big ones. The ‘Skepticism EP‘ skiped into the electronic music charts with its sophisticated and extraordinary tracks. After that, further releases followed on Dispatch Recordings (a collaboration with Bredren on the Transit 2 LP), Zenith Music and of course Broken Audio, which have set him out as an artist to watch for. With future releases on Proximity Recs., Flexout Audio and Broken Audio, 2016 already looks exciting for this promising young musical talent.

As a DJ, his sets are focused around deep sounds that evolve into heavy stepping deep / neurofunk vibes building and creating a story of music in each of his sets. With bookings already in Slovakia, Belgium, Austria, Germany and Czech Republic his popularity is rising fast with a fast growning reputation as the most evolving talents of the Czech electronic music circuit.

Parallel to this, Alexander became interested in producing dubstep, and preparing to publish two fresh tunes. In his future plans — serious work in techno and house directions.

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Kit Curse

Born and grown in Jena, Kit Curse lives in Munich since 2005. He is a young, talented producer, DJ and runs his own event-series called „Break It Down“. Kit Curse was one of the youngest producers in the german Drum & Bass scene when he started out and is part of the rising generation of music makers who work to change the face of this musical style. The constant desire to create music has always been in his blood because his parents are teachers in music and arts.

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Picota & Kumbh

Picota & Kumbh is a duo of music producers formed by two Spanish brothers.
Influenced by many genres as break, funky or soul they started making music
as a band from early 2013 onwards.
His sound is quite interesting and alternative. Deep rolling resonance basses
through dark, chaotic and funky ambient with jungle and minimalist percussion to create such an old retro and underground experience.
Perhaps the originality of this due, at the time of design the sound have been
the reason why many artists as Noisia, Mindscape, Joe Ford, Current Value,
The Clamps, Gydra and many more has support them.
Winter 2018, Picota & Kumbh contacted with Nick Bee signing with his label;
Axon Records. They also started to bring their music for the first time out of
Spain playing in Slovakia with Basement Events, expanding their name through the world.
Has signed with labels as ProgRam, Fokuz Recordings, Lifestyle Music, Citrus
Kosen Production, Axon Records and work with such a big artist
as Mc Coppa

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Fuj is a Drum & Bass producer, made in Japan and raised in Laos and Australia. 
Currently residing in Amsterdam, his production journey is present on Dispatch, Regression Media, Onset, Din Is Noise, Translation, Commercial Suicide, DSCI4, Flexout Audio, Machinist Music, Lost, Skutta, Nurtured Beatz, AutomAte, Transference, Ronin Ordinance, Scientia & Terra Null.
Representing Embodiment Media, boundaries of bass are tested in the realms of deep, dark and tribal tech sounds.

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Brusten is one of the most active producers and DJs from Romanian Drum and Bass scene, releasing tunes with a pure sound for COUNTERPOINT/ DELTA 9 RECORDINGS / CONTEXT AUDIO/ SYNDROME AUDIO/ PULSATIL / FRAGMENTED RECORDS /CLEAR CONCEPTIONS / KINETIC/ MODULAR CARNAGE/ MONOCHROME RECORDINGS. His creations have experimental, deep Drum and Bass infusions, which creates a dance floor oriented mood that makes you move continuously, fact that made big producers and DJs around the world to raise an eyebrow as appreciation. Since 2017, Brusten is hosting B:pressure, a series of monthly events that keeps the Bucharest DnB underground scene at an active state of evolution, promoting a fresh and lovely sound.

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Structured S.T.R.D

Born & grown from more or less the start of the genre’s existence.. hosting at early raves to pirate radio stations to the main stages etc.. Now content with being in the studio he has found and recognised himself as a artist and has literally structured and maintained his signature sound over the last few years plus. Currently with around ten individual tracks released and out now on Dispatch Recordings.. teamed up with longtime veterans and friend’s “DBR UK” who brought together the “Days apart EP” back in 2016, along with another number of collaborated tracks created and released on the “Rough Edges LP” ,and the “Say what you want EP” all-out now Labels signed to:

Dispatch Recordings / Inception Audio / Engage Audio / Halogen Music / Broken Audio