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In 2011 we decided to join forces and started producing Drum & Bass. When the first tune (called Pulsar) was finished, we immediately sent it to Proximity Recordings as we were following them by the minute. Label owner Basher loved the tune from the first moment and decided to put it out on his own imprint. And so Bredren was born.

2012 saw the light of our first release on Break-Fast Audio and 4 track EP on Proximity called “Pestilence EP”. A lot of heads have been moved at that time and we started doing gigs on a regularly basis.

In 2013 another EP was written for Proximity and we signed our first track on Dispatch Recordings as well. The tune was called “Sixth Sense” and was made in collaboration with our Czech friend Tom SMall.

2014 was a big year for us. Not only we played at one of the biggest Drum & Bass events of Europe, Rampage, we also managed to write our first album: “Trinity LP”. The LP came out on Proximity Recordings and received a lot of good feedback. It gave us the opportunity to explore Europe a little more and play gigs abroad. Another highlight of 2014 was the dj-competition at Sun And Bass in Sardinia. We came out as a runner up, right behind our good friend Phase who won the competition.

In 2015 we released our first track on Hospital Records, it was a collaboration with Dexta called “1993”. Music wise nothing much else happened that year, as we were still recovering from the LP we wrote in 2014. We had the pleasure to play a set at Sun And Bass with Philth, which was truly a highlight of the year for us.

Our first EP on Flexout Audio came out in 2016 which made a big impact with “The Legion”, featuring MC Swift. Another big move in this year was our first release on Critical Music. This track was called “Then Suddenly”, in collaboration with our close friends M-Zine & Scepticz. Also in 2016 we started doing our own events called “Bredren Invites” and invited loads of upcoming talents from Belgium but also from abroad.

2017 was the year we released our first collab EP with M-Zine & Scepticz on Dispatch Recordings. A real milestone for us and the leap to our solo EP which is coming out late 2017. This year we also took our “Bredren Invites” events to a higher level and started running them in the legendary Fuse club in Brussels. The first edition we managed to join forces with the Austrian Contrast Crew from Vienna and invited The North Quarter for a label showcase. Next event we have Alix Perez coming over with his 1985 Music.

2017 is looking good so far, 2018 will be even better!

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